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Moving Into a New Office Premises?

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Is your business moving into a new building? Are you looking for some ideas on how best to design your new workplace? Do you want your company’s office to be one where your staff are happy and productive, and you are proud to show off to new customers? If the answer to any of these questions is in the affirmative, please read on as I want to provide you with some excellent ideas to create an aesthetically pleasing modern office space where your business can thrive.

A Source of Ideas

Companies that specialise in office fitting have information on their websites you can use to form ideas for your new premises. Use your favoured search engine and type in ‘office refurbishment’ or something more specialised like ‘suspended ceiling Tewkesbury’, substituting your locality. This task should provide you with a list of specialists near you. Take some time to view the information on their sites; they may give you ideas that you can further expand on and note any company that might be a prospective supplier source a quotation.

Area Of Interest

When planning a new base for your company, it is essential to pay attention to detail, so your creation is a dynamic functional workplace that reflects your brand identity. The main areas for focus should be –

  • Floorplan – modern partitioning systems are available to you, made from several materials with different characteristics. Glass partitions are increasingly popular as they allow the flow of natural light throughout, which is linked to staff wellness and productivity.
  • Suspended ceilings – with ranges for all situations have excellent sound absorption, light reflectance, and fire resistance. They could have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of the office.
  • Decoration – Painting, vinyl or plaster are all possibilities to combine with the colour scheme. Enormously important the correct balanced colours can encourage staff output and increase their well-being. An increase in green plants can also add to these effects.
  • Furniture – advances in modern design mean a wealth of options, the colour and materials used will combine with the decoration informing the overall aesthetic quality of the office.
  • Lighting – the correct lighting means a happy and healthy office, maximise the natural light and use modern led lights to simulate it where it is not possible.
  • Flooring – modern low maintenance carpet or vinyl tiles are a solution open to you; the right colour can add to the colour scheme.
  • Staff Areas – Kitchens, washrooms, and breakout areas can promote staff wellness during their downtime when redesigned.
  • Data/Comms Room – without this, your business will not function; look at high spec options as they will be worth the cost in the long run.

They are the critical areas for any new office fit-out; it’s not a complete list; use the specialist supplier’s experience and advice as they will know what works best. With the information, I’ve given you and your vision, you can create a great workplace you can show off to the world.

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