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Fog Systems for Better Air Quality On Your Worksite

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Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) ranked air pollution at the construction site among the top five environmental threats to public health. It is quite common to find dust particulates and pollutants in the air, which places your workers at significant health risk. Fortunately, there’s something you can do to improve the air quality at your workplace. For instance, you can improve ventilation to help the air circulate better and better yet, install BossTek dust control systems. Studies have shown that workers quickly suffer from different illnesses such as common colds from poorly ventilated workspaces. As such, inhaling dust generated during construction can lead to even more serious health issues that can be life-threatening. That’s why employers need to adhere to employee safety laws and make sure they’ve implemented dust control measures in the work sites.

Therefore, there is a need to have a fog system to help improve the air quality at your work site. Fog systems are also used to control humidity and suppress the dust at your worksite. If designed and installed correctly, your fog systems can help you need the required air standards while delivering the appropriate humidity for your worksite. Here are the different fog systems you can choose from.

Dry Fog System

A dry fog system works by injecting an air nozzle with compressed air and plain water to create dry fog. The fog created by such as system is quite similar to that released in nature. The typical droplet is around 1-10 microns in size. An efficient dry fog system ensures that all the dust particles are removed from a site and the humidity levels. They are also designed to save on water if the system loses its air pressure. These fog systems also come with a control box that allows on-site adjustments for maximum output and other performance features which allows for improved productivity. Dry fog systems are ideal for industries that have humidification needs. These systems have controlled humidity, which helps reduce static electricity and reduce the dust particles at a worksite, increasing the overall speed of the machines used in production.

High-pressure fogging units

These systems separate the water from the mud and fog it. The water is injected into the system with the chosen medium and is diluted with the nozzles at high pressure. The quality of the water sprayed depends on the nature of the nozzle used. There are different types of nozzles available with different thicknesses. The ideal high-pressure fogging system saves on both water and energy. It reaches maximum efficiency; the water passes through the micro-nozzles with a certain degree of hardness in a hard spraying process. During this process, the water is broken down into microns. The nozzles are made from durable metals to not go through high-pressure abrasions.

Installing fog systems and humidifiers is an excellent way to improve your worksite’s quality and keep your employees safe. You can also improve the air quality at your workplace by having plants to help filter the air at your workplace and clean up the worksite regularly to help control the air pollutants.

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