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Duplex Steel pipe manufacturer

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Duplex Steel Pipe manufacturers produce different types of pipes. The manufacturing process of the pipes differs. They could be cold drawn for seamlessness or be hot rolled and welded for strength. The different manufacturing processes also constitute to the prices in some way. There are three main grades or types of duplex steel and the pipes are made up of all three types. The difference in the grades is mainly the composition. The specialty of duplex steel is that it combines the good properties of the austenitic steel and ferritic steel types. The duplex steel pipe is stronger, harder, corrosion resistant and lasts longer. The pipe’s anticorrosive property comes primarily from the addition of chromium and molybdenum. These could contain chromium up to 28% in their composition.  Some grades contain nitrogen, nickel and tungsten as well.

The different alloys bring different specific mechanical properties. Due to the high strength and anticorrosive properties, these pipes are used in a variety of applications. The sea water applications use the anticorrosive properties. The aerospace and hydraulic applications utilize the high temperature resistance and the high pressure containments capacities of the materials. The Duplex Seamless Pipe manufacturers produce the standard duplex the most because it is the most widely used of all types of duplex. The 2205 is a standard duplex grade. Therefore the price of Duplex 2205 Pipe is lower compared to other grades. This is because of widespread usage and the readily available nature. In general, duplex is a cost effective solution because it lasts longer without replacements.

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